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Monday, March 21, 2011

Yes To The Prom Dress!

Can I just tell you how freakin' good it feels to be a woman in hot pursuit of all her dreams and desires?

This weekend I had the privilege of teaching
Body Love Burlesque to an incredible group of women. I got to shine my light and feel their glow as we mixed and stirred and shook the confines of what it means to be a woman who owns her beauty. One of my favorite parts was Karen, who started off the class saying "I'm 58 years old, I'm supposed to be wearing turtlenecks and have short hair". And yet there she was, in her violet lace bra and panties, rocking our world with the way she shimmied into her bliss. And Ali, who didn't even plan on attending the class and told me she planned to leave after 10 minutes, smiling like a 2 year old as she learned how to tassel twirl for the first time. Ahhh. What a privilege it is to be celebrating our feminine form with a little bump and grind. Especially in a world where you could be arrested for doing such a thing a few thousand miles away. Thank you Goddess for our freedom.

And then, after feasting on that banquet of beauty and delight, I dashed off to my friend Rochelle's surprise birthday party for her boyfriend, where I got to tease and tantalize with my "Fever" fan dance. Rochelle is the founder of
Qoya, and she is my one of my biggest inspirations for expressing my Divinity through dancing. It was pure bliss! The room was so full of warmth and love. The room squealed as I came out and surprised everyone with my big white feathers. And then Ro and I got to play the most delicious tug of war with my glove. Divine!

On Sunday, I went on a road trip upstate to my hometown to capture footage for my movie. Yes, I am starring in my very own film! My friend Ariane is making a short documentary film about my Burlesque journey called The Diary of Kitty Cavalier. It is so beyond thrilling to even be on this ride, and then to I get to see it on the big screen!  It doesn't get much better than that.

And throughout the whole weekend, there was Kev. My handsome and darling husband who does it all behind the scenes. He packs the pasties, he fluffs the boas. He feeds me,  he waters me. He follows me with a pooper-scooper as I make a mess of glitter and feathers trying to get out the door. He is my chef, my bodyguard, my masseuse, my coach, my cheerleader, my therapist, my announcer, my hero. And above all, my true love.

I am so blessed.
I am so grateful.
I am so happy.

I feel like a teenager who just got home from the prom and wants to sleep in her dress.

Thank you God, Thank you Goddess.
Thank you family, thank you friends.
Thank you to every woman who chooses to luxuriate in her divine beauty today - and in doing so, restores the world to sanity.
Thank you me, for saying Yes. 

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  1. Yes! I so love you Kitty. Keep teaching women to twirl their tassels. I cannot wait to see you on the big screen, because you were born for it.