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Monday, April 11, 2011

Bigger Than Me

Friday night I went to see The Strokes concert at Madison Square Garden. They are a NYC band that started small, and it was their first time performing at MSG. As they came out onstage I wondered, did they ever think they'd make it this far? Did they ever even think to dream that big? Did the lead singer ever think that his voice, as fecund as the smell of a dive bar, as heady as the first wave of a whiskey buzz, would be something that is not only appreciated, but lusted after by 20,000 people?

It got me thinking, when do things shift from it being about you and your little talent, to being something that is 20,000 times bigger than you? When do your creations go from being something you and your circle of friends love, to being something the world would not be the same without?

I imagine it must feel similar the experience I had after I launched my new website, Kitty Cavalier's School of Charm and Cheek. The response has been overwhelming. Sacred Seduction (my 6 week series) has two spots remaining and it has only been available for a week. I have offers flying at me from bloggers, coaches, authors, speakers; all of them in love with my mission and wanting to spread the word. (Thank you Goddess) I've become constantly possessed with new ideas, to the point where I now must walk around with a notebook and pen at all times, a diaper for my creative musings.

This morning I read an article about one of my spiritual and creative heroines: Mary Oliver. I was tickled to learn that Mary also never leaves the house without her notebook and pencil. Here is one of her poems that always inspires me to bring forth the voice of that which I know I must do. This bud's for you Suz.

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