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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Three Hot Tips To Own Your Beauty

Today a girlfriend of mine emailed me and asked me my top three tips to own your beauty. I was so delighted, as I have been desiring to know which of my secrets you beauties want to know most.  Enjoy these tips, and email me at with more of your Q's!

1. Don't try to look pretty

Owning your beauty and looking pretty are two very different things.  Looking pretty is what we do when we want other people's approval.  When we need external validation to convince us of our beauty. Owning your beauty is a much different game.  As women, our beauty is eternal, and never leaves us.  The last thing you want to do is ask yourself, "do I look beautiful right now?".  You are always beautiful. It is not something that needs to be questioned, it is a simple truth.

2. Own your walk

A woman's walk enters the room long before she enters it herself.  Each woman's walk is different and unique, but there is one universal rule: go....slow. No matter what. Even if something catches you off guard, resist the urge to speed up as you walk away.  A Femme Vitale is in no hurry, she is always right on time.

3. Play with your beauty

Owning your beauty is a spiritual practice. Allow your body to be the canvas of your soul.  Play with your purpose in what you wear, your clothes, your hair, your makeup, your body language.  This is not so you can "look good to others".  It is to allow the Divine to speak through you. There is not another person on Earth who has beauty like you, nor will there ever be. Don't ever waste the beauty that is uniquely yours.


  1. Kitty, you are so right, when you think of those gorgeous women who walk into a room and brighten it just by stepping in, it has nothing to do with their clothes or their make-up, it's their attitude. It's that smile and confidence, and yes, that walk. So funny for you to address the walk, because baby, I need some work on that. I can't help but speedwalk everywhere I go. Although I must say I do still light up a room when I enter! It's just at the speed of light!

  2. Go Mare! I am desiring to make a DVD or an online course, maybe we will walk together virtually in your living room! Only doing the sexy laugh though, of course

  3. The sexy laugh gets em every time ;)