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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Flushing The 'Tude

Hey Lady! I've got a question.  When you visit the ladies restroom, have you ever noticed an increased feeling of competition with other women? Like the air temperature seems to drop about 15 degrees?

What's up with that?

Last night I when I hit the restroom while out at a show, I was unsurprised to receive a round of icy glares and stony faces from my fellow line-waiters. This has not been not an isolated experience for me. I always notice my defenses go up when I'm in the bathroom with women I don't know. I myself even avoid eye contact and get a little, well, snubby.

I found this curious, so I did a little research with my girlfriends and asked if their experiences have been similar. Their response?

"Well, yeah."

What does this say about us as women? To me it is not that we are mean spirited, it is simply evidence that we are tragically insecure. Is being in a confined space with a member of the same sex really enough to raise the competitive hairs on our neck? Is there really that little to go around? Is it because when we are out at a bar or restaurant we are aware of our attractiveness? Come to think of it I feel the intensity of this coldness more at a wedding than I do at say, a coffee shop.
I vote that we reform this wacked out ritual. Next time you find yourself in the toilette, compliment a woman as she applies her lip gloss, smile to the woman who joins you in line. If you see a sister futzing with a safety pin trying to hold her straps in place, offer to assist. Let's flush the unnecessary 'tude once and for all!

I'm dying to know your thoughts and experiences on this....comment below my darlings!

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  1. I have noticed that it usually starts out that way, very guarded. But a smile and eye contact usually warms up the climate. I smile at everyone. I reserve my winks for less intimate locations.