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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Adoration - A Tribute to My Body

In honor of what I like to call "Happy, Healthy Breast Month", a.k.a. Breast Cancer Awareness month, I decided to write a tribute to my breasts.  Loving up my body, to me, is the most valuable kind of health insurance I can think of.  But once I got going, I thought, why stop there? The following is a tribute to the miracle of my feminine body, and to yours too. 

Adoration by Gil Elvgren

I adore My Body. 

It is so scrumptious and delicious, I just want to gobble myself up.

I love my legs. They are like the most elegant champagne flutes. I imagine that if they were a food, they would taste like lady fingers drizzled with chocolate and whipped cream.

I love my arms. I love the way they taper delicately at the wrist. I love their shape as I hold onto the subway rail. I love the way my muscles flex as I sway from side to side.

I love my breasts, they are like the ripest plum, hanging on a vine in Tuscany, warm from the sun.

I adore my hips. Their curves, the way I can grab the flesh on the bone. They give me a sense of home, like a crisp, brown Christmas turkey cooked with butter under the skin. Yum.

I love my Belly. I love the roundness of it, I love the density of it. I love how it stands by me, day after day. I love how authentically feminine it is.  I love having it massaged in a warm bath with oil underwater. I love how the Goddess lives in my belly, my center, my strength.

I LOVE my shoulders, my clavicle, and my decollete.My clavicle is like an Olympic ice skater. Graceful, elegant.  A perfect ten. My decollete, smooth like the frosting on top of a birthday cake. My shoulders, like the pillars in the Sistine Chapel, holding everything together with strength, grace and beauty.

I love my tresses. Like warm amber honey. Smooth, lustrous, sensuous. Perfect on their own, but also the perfect complement to my gorgeous face.

I love my face.  My eyes, like looking down an endless beach.  My lips, like perfect velvet pillows you just want to sink into. My skin, like the creamy froth on top of a cappuccino.

I love being a woman.
I love being me.
In the words of Doris Day, "I enjoy being a girl".

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  1. Kitty, this is just beautiful. Everyone should love their body in this way. This should be a mantra that every gal says in the mirror each morning!! love, Audrey