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Saturday, July 28, 2012

There Is Such A Thing As The Perfect Body

(An excerpt from the Seduction Is A Spiritual Practice Workbook)

Venus of Willendorf
One of the most undeniable virtues of a true Sacred Seductress is the way she loves her flesh. A Seductress loves every inch of her self: smooth skin, dimpled skin, parts that stick out, parts that just don't. It is all as beautiful as a sunrise to her. And because of the conviction in her self-love, the judgments one usually makes about a female body seem to slip away when they are in her presence. She is that powerful.

A Seductress does not wait around for the "perfect body" to arrive in order to feel and know her full sensual and erotic power. The things she is told she should be ashamed of (fat on her belly, her breast that is smaller than the other, her skin tone, etc.), she flaunts rather than hides like the diamonds that they are: rare, beautiful, and perfectly imperfect.

The way a woman feels about her body is a mirror image to what she believes about herself, her Divinity, and how she relates to the world. Body hatred is an epidemic amongst women. We live in a culture that teaches us to believe that she must meet an impossible list of qualifications in order to feel "beautiful". The tricky thing about this list of benchmarks however, is that there is not a woman alive who could even come close to meeting them all. For every woman who wishes her hips were smaller, there is a woman who wishes her hips were more round. For every woman who wishes her breasts were fuller, there is a woman wishing she could wear t-shirts without feeling self-conscious. It reminds me of the story "The Emperor's New Clothes". We are all striving so desperately to be perfect, sexy, beautiful, young; and yet it is this exact desperation to change what is already perfect that makes us all feel so downright ugly.

A Seductress transcends all of this by making the important distinction between true beauty, and the illusion of "learned beauty". Learned beauty is what we do when our sole purpose is to gain the approval of others. It is living by the message of what we have been taught beautiful means, rather than the beauty that we know is true in our soul. When we aim to achieve the beauty we have learned, we are dependent on external validation to convince us of our power and radiance. But a true Seductress knows with every fiber of her being that her beauty has nothing to do with her lip gloss. Her lip gloss can be a lovely expression of her beauty, but it is certainly not the source of it.

True beauty is eternal. It never leaves us. It does not change with our outfit or our hairstyle or our age. True beauty means that we need never pause in the mirror and ask ourselves "do I look beautiful right now?", because true beauty needs never be questioned. It is a simple feminine truth.

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In honor of our true beauty, enjoy the love letter I wrote to my body called Adoration.

 "Adoration" by Gil Elvgren
 I adore My Body.

It is so scrumptious and delicious, I just want to gobble myself up.
 I love my legs. They are like the most elegant champagne flutes. I imagine that if they were a food, they would taste like lady fingers drizzled with chocolate and whipped cream.

I love my arms. I love the way they taper delicately at the wrist. I love their shape as I hold onto the subway rail. I love the way my muscles flex as I sway from side to side.

I love my breasts, they are like the ripest plum, hanging on a vine in Tuscany, warm from the sun.

I adore my hips. Their curves, the way I can grab the flesh on the bone. They give me a sense of home, like a crisp, brown Christmas turkey cooked with butter under the skin. Yum.

I love my Belly. I love the roundness of it. I love how authentically feminine it is. I love having it massaged in a warm bath with oil underwater.
I LOVE my shoulders, my clavicle, and my decollete. My clavicle is like an Olympic ice skater. Graceful, elegant. A perfect ten. My decollete; smooth like the frosting on top of a birthday cake. My shoulders, like marble pillars in the Sistine Chapel, holding everything together with strength, grace and beauty.
I love my hair. Like warm amber honey. Smooth, lustrous, sensuous.

I love my face. My eyes, like looking down an endless beach. My lips, like perfect velvet pillows you just want to sink into. My skin, like the creamy froth on top of a cappuccino.

I love being a woman.
I love being me.
In the words of Doris Day, "I enjoy being a girl".

 I would love to hear your own love notes to your own body in the comments below. Let's inspire each other into a fine romance with our succulent skin!


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