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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Seductive Speech

Anything can sound seductive, if it is said right
Photo by Sharon Birke

When it comes to seduction, 90% of our communication is non-verbal.  Yes, there is great power in the one-liner, the zinger, the wisecrack; but there is also great truth in the expression “it’s not in what you say, it’s how you say it.”

This week’s blog is all about how to cast a spell with your words.  Whether you are asking for a raise from your boss or seducing a foot massage from your lover, these 5 tips are guaranteed to make you irresistible to whatever it is you desire.

1   Turn the page
When reading a book there is that moment, however brief, where we turn the page.  Our minds and hearts get a momentary respite from the consumption of information.  During that time we integrate all that we have read up until that point.  So it is with our spoken words.  To add an instant seductive quality to your speech, pause for just two beats between sentences the next time you are telling a story.  Practice this with a girlfriend.  For extra credit, at the height of the story, pause for a full five seconds as you hold eye contact to build the anticipation.

2   Less is more
Often when we are speaking, we feel the need to tell all. That we must get our point across, otherwise it feels like a string has been left untied. Play with keeping a little of the story for yourself. Like leaving a bite of chocolate cake uneaten on the plate, leaving a a bit that is unspoken leaves others wanting more. 

3    Casting a spell
My wise friend Veronica Varlow likes to say “words are wands”.  What you say becomes your reality.  Our words act as magic wands to carry out our destiny.  If you say you are insecure, meek, and un-seductive, then that is what you are.  If you say you are hot, gorgeous, and the most seductive thing to hit planet Earth in the last 5,000 years, then that is what you are.  Words have power.  Handle with care.

4     The element of surprise
Betwixt. Clandestine.  Cockalorum. Lubricious. Do you find your ears perking up at these unfamiliar sounds? Seduction is all about intrigue.  Peppering your sentences with words that have a mysterious quality will draw others closer to you as it shows that you speak your own secret language, and that you know how to make what is old and unknown brand new again. 

5    Galvanize

One of my favorite K.C. Baker quotes is: “Don’t worry about trying to say the right thing, just say what is true”.  Conversations that are full of fluff that is just meant to impress another are a SNOOZE.  When you say what is true, rather than what you think you should say, the air fills with electricity.  Like a splash of cool water in a dark, stuffy room, the truth wakes us up.  It galvanizes both the speaker and the listener alike.  Be willing to wake up the world with your truth.  Not only does the world need your truth, it begs for it. 

What are some of your favorite techniques for casting a seductive spell with your words? Click here to tell me in a comment.  Just don't

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