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Friday, June 28, 2013

What's Brown And Sticky?

Age 17, a glamazon in the making

Imagine it: Me. Age 17. Siting in the back row of my high school math class, laughing maniacally. Like, on the verge of rolling around on the floor maniacally. Someone had just told me the best joke I had heard in a long time. What's brown and sticky? A stick. 

When I was a teenager, corny jokes cracked me UP. I was a big fan of cheesy humor, which I assumed made me immature and uncool. I added it to the list of reasons why I thought none of the boys liked me and I had never had a boyfriend.

Then, few months ago, a blast from the high school past came into my life. He was of the male variety. He told me his perspective about how I was perceived by my tiny, catholic, high school class.
He told me that all the boys liked me. Alot. He even told me that one of them was on the verge of asking me to be his girlfriend senior year. This was NEWS TO ME. It made me wonder what high school would have been like had I found my quirks charming and cheeky instead of inexperienced and immature. Or, if I at least could have faked feeling that way.

When it comes to seduction, the number one (of two) thing you need to practice it it confidence. But I'd like to qualify that. Confidence, can be either real or imagined. I have had a long journey with confidence.  I've gone from hating my body and renouncing the sensual to being a burlesque performer and teaching seduction. What I have discovered is that when it comes confident people, at least half the time they are faking it until they make it. 

For example, have you ever wanted a piece of clothing but thought "oh, I could never pull that off". The people who do pull it off usually think that about themselves at first too.  But they just buy it and wear it. Eventually, after they adjust to the turbulence of taking up more space with their style, they are searching for the next piece that presses their edge. (I know because I am one of these people.)

My words of seductive wisdom today are this: being a seductress is not about what you project, it's about who you are. Whether you like dirty jokes, sarcastic jokes, or super corny jokes, just love what you love. As we learned this week "love is love". Love what you love. It is enough.

PS - A guy walks into a bar and says: ouch!!! HA! What a scream!

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