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Thursday, September 26, 2013

A Pin Up Cheat Sheet

Recently a student asked me to let her in on some of my secrets to looking like a pin up so that she could try the look on herself.  Not only was I happy to spill the beans, it inspired me to write a whole blog so that all my seductresses can get on the pinup pleasure train! Enjoy!

1. Red Lipstick
In my opinion, red lipstick makes you an instant pin up, no matter what you are wearing. Two of my favorites are Ruby Woo by Mac and (for a more economical choice) 501A by Wet and Wild.  Check out my video for wearing red lipstick like a pro here!

2. Hair Accessories
Hair flowers, clips, and accessories just bring the glamour train screaming into the station.  Not only do they add a pop of color and that vintage look, they bring a ton of attention to your gorgeous face.  They go best when paired with vintage hairstyles. 

3. Vintage Cardigans
I love going into thrift shops and vintage stores and looking for beaded and fur collared cardigans from the 40’s and 50’s.  In fancy shops they will run you a bit more, but I recently found one at Soiled Doves in Rosendale, NY for 20 clams! Throw one over your shoulders and pair with a pencil skirt to look smokin’ hot on these first chilly days of autumn.

4. Vintage hairstyles
Victory rolls, pin curls, finger waves; there is so much you don’t even know you don’t know! Google search vintage hairstyles, check out Bettina May’s video of Bombshell Basics, buy yourself some hairspray, bobby pins and a curling iron and get goin’ girl!

5. Shoes
For pin up magic, I love black patent leather peep toe stilletos.  There just aint’ nothing like them on Earth. Other styles that scream pin up are high heel T-straps and Mary Janes.  I avoid wearing platform stilettos, I feel a platform just sucks the vintage right out of the look.

6. Seamed Stockings
Need I say more? There are a few different types: there is the full stocking , the adhesive thigh high (also called stay ups), and the non adhesive thigh high that must be worn with a garter belt.  I find the non-adhesive thigh high the easiest and sexiest to wear and adjust.  Oh I could write a whole separate blog on stockings! Coming soon!

7. Study Pin Up Poses
Do a google search of “pinup” and most likely the first thing you will land on is the work of Gil Elvgren.  This genius man and his models who I bow down before created hundreds of the masterpieces that we refer to as classic pinup.   I recommend buying a pin up day calendar and imitating a different one each day.  (thanks for that Christmas gift Mom, it has sure come in handy!)
Photo by Burke Heffner
8. Vintage Style dresses
There are few things more satisfying than scoring a vintage piece that fits like a glove.  One of the things that makes this so satisfying unfortunately is that it is so rare.  Vintage reproductions are done in the vintage style but are a new item, available in a variety of sizes.  Here are some of my favorite online shops:

9. Bullet bras and garter belts
The same rule of vintage reproduction applies to lingerie.  I recommend checking out the sites and 
10. False eyelashes
I wear false eyelashes to do my laundry sometimes.  They just evoke a timeless glamour and an “I’m hot and I know it” attitude like nothing else.  Here is a video by cutie Hollie Wakeham encouraging you to “have a go” at applying them.  She uses a tweezer, I use my hands.  To each her own. 

11. Talk to a professional
Bettina May is a NYC based pin up glamour coach and a wickedly talented photographer.  She teaches pin up workshops all over the place, and also does private coaching.  Check her out!
Bettina May  Photo by Malgorztata

12. Red nails
My favorite polish is OPI Red (by OPI of course).  One thing to know is that when it comes to a great manicure, the polish is only half the equation.  Using a great topcoat will seal in the professional look.  I recommend NailTek. 

So there you have it. Enjoy these tips, and please, do show and tell by emailing me a photo! 



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