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Thursday, September 5, 2013

I Am Too Much

Too much?
Photo: Beth Mayesh

“I’m afraid I’ll be too much.”

Today I was speaking with a client about being able to hold on to her sensual, seductive side in the face of criticism from her family.  When I asked her what would be an example of something they might say, she replied “That I am too much.  Too assertive, too opinionated, too racy, too sexy” and on and on. 

You know who else was too much?

Eleanor Roosevelt.
Mother Teresa.
Nelson Mandela.
Josephine Baker.
Susan B. Anthony.
Michelle Obama.

And a whole lot of other ass-kicking powerhouses. The thing is, positive change never happens on this planet when a woman (or a man) stays within the safety of the confines of “not enough”. 

However, the consequences of being too much add up to more than just worldwide recognition of being a leader.  That usually comes after the fact, after one has swallowed a big, fat helping of criticism and disapproval.  So how does one do it then?  How do we reclaim the part of us that magnetizes through sheer brightness of our light, and by virtue, naturally attracts big dark moths?

It all starts with the first story of seduction we are ever told.  Usually when I ask my students what they were taught about seduction as children, the response is “nothing”.  What we don’t realize is that almost all of us are taught or at least told a story that defines our understanding of seduction today: the story of Adam and Eve. 

We view this mean trickery of the serpent seducing Eve into taking the apple from the tree of temptation, and then Eve seducing Adam to take a bite, as being the very act of seduction itself.  An act of manipulation, rooted in evil and in the wicked pleasure of sex and the senses.  The consequences of seduction? Oh, just the fall of mankind.

But friends, let us remember, there are two sides to every story. 

To demonstrate what I mean I would like to show you a clip from one of the Seduction Sessions, a core part of my online program “Your Seductress: Unveiled” which starts September 9th.  In this clip, I will offer you a new perspective on seduction, what it means, and why Eve was actually as innocent as the driven snow. (while simultaneously being too much, of course)

My hope is that this clip will open you to a new perspective on your seductive power, your too-muchness, and how to handle those big bad moths that charge your light. And, if this clip intrigues you, please do join us for the September session of “Your Seductress:Unveiled.” There are already 50 women who are choosing to pull back the curtain on their innate, seductive nature.  You will be in good company, and I promise, I will take such good care of you.  Click here to enroll or learn more about the program. 

With the juice of a ripe apple dribbling down my chin,

Kitty Cavalier

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