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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Fortune Favors The Bold

At a cemetery in the Garden District

About a week ago I was in my best friend Beth’s living room, dropping off my dog Winnie as I was about to embark on my first trip to New Orleans.  In my bones, I knew that this would be a big adventure.  I felt like I should be excited as f*ck. But you know that feeling you have before you go on a big adventure? Even if you know it will most likely be good, it will also, most likely, rock you into a new stratosphere. That kind of space travel is not easy. The first time I went to Paris I remember sitting in the taxi on the way to the airport feeling like I was going to vomit and snapping at my traveling companion.  I did NOT want to go. And yet this was a vacation I had been planning for years.

I had a similar feeling about going to New Orleans.  A few weeks prior, I was crying on the phone with my other best friend Vivi about feeling like a failure.  I felt like if I was a real seductress, I would be traveling to places like Paris and New Orleans to teach my work, having wild adventures and even wilder love affairs. 

Well wouldn’t you know that the next day I got an email from one of my most beloved clients asking me to come down to New Orleans in a week and teach a private retreat for her and her friends.

Seduction can be funny like that.

They say the only thing scarier than not getting what you want is getting exactly what you want. As I was kvetching on Beth’s couch about how much of a loser I was for being resistant to living my dream of going on this adventure, she showed me the following video:

Which I then proceeded to watch five times in a row. 

This video inspired the pants off of me.  I ran out of Beth’s apartment going straight in the direction of my dreams, letting out a Braveheart style war cry.

I ended up having one of the best weeks of my life in New Orleans.

I am a changed woman because of it.  

It was so good that I can’t tell you a single detail. It's all going in the book.

Big dreams beget big dreams.  I returned from Nola to find my friend, my muse, my teacher, my inspiration; the literal one-and-only Veronica Varlow beginning a kickstarter campaign to fund her film Revolver. V has been talking about making this movie forever.  One day she just decided it was time to cut the crap and go for it.  So like the guy in the video jumping off those rocks and into the water, she jumped.  She put her ass on the line by pulling back the curtain on the longing in her heart.  She vulnerably let the world see her crying sweet tears as she sang a song of thanks after receiving $25,000 in pledges in the first 24 hours. 

What I love about what Veronica is doing is that she is living her dream not just for herself, but for you and me too.  If we can help her create her dream, we make our own dreams all the more possible. 

Dreams friggin’ rule. 

So does New Orleans.

So does

So do you.


Kitty Cavalier

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