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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

New Monthly Feature: Swoon!

Introducing a new monthly feature: Swoon! 
Videos, products, poems, articles, events, and all sorts of things that have seduced me recently, and I that consider to be swoon-worthy.  Enjoy!

  • This article by Veronica Varlow on how to make magic in 2014 using all 5 senses.  She seduces and inspires in the way that only the original Danger Dame can!
  • High Heel Bunny Slippers. Shut. Up.
  • Nutcracker Rouge, the sexiest, most scandalous baroque burlesque production in NYC. Only a few performances left! Even if you are not in NYC, click here to be teased by the stunning video.
  • I’m not a big Quinoa person but this video makes me want to become one. 
  • Paris Perfect lists gorgeous Paris apartment rentals for a dream vacation.  Like a a really stylish Air B and B! C'est Magnifique!
  • Winnie’s latest sleep position:

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