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Monday, March 4, 2013

When The Teacher Is Ready...

About two years ago, I had the idea that I would like to have my own retreat.  I got the idea while I was attending a weekend called Sacred Success with my teacher Barbara Stanny. At the weekend, one of the girls attending asked me if I could help her in posing for some photographs, as she was having her portrait painted and needed some shots to give to the artist as a starting point. In five minutes flat we had found an antique couch, draped her in a 5-string set of pearls and a green pashmina and were off to the races.  I coached her through how to pose, how to look at me, and what to be thinking of as I shot  the photos. The pictures came out PHENOMENAL.  As I was walking back to my room, a vision flashed before my eyes.  Sacred Seduction.  A retreat.  Someday I would do a Kitty Cavalier retreat.  I had always longed to create an oasis for women to really understand seduction as a spiritual practice. A temple of beauty where I could really go deep with all I was learning about the true nature of seduction, which is so different that what we have all been taught. (the polar opposite really) My mission was clear.

For two years I googled retreat centers all around the country. Nothing seemed to fit.  I needed something that was beautiful but affordable. Great energy from the staff and the place itself was a must. I swear I must have typed “New England Retreat Center” 1000 times into google.  Then, one  night, I found something new. When the teacher is ready they say, the classroom will appear.

Hiding in the corner of my computer screen was something called Guest House in Chester, Connecticut. I knew from the minute I saw it, this could be the place.  It is a facility nestled into the gorgeous woods of Connecticut.  It is newly renovated and gets it's name from a Rumi poem.  These were good signs. I called the facility and spoke to Jim.  I asked him if I could come to see the place that day.  He appreciated my eagerness, but it was already 4 o'clock and I was still two hours away in NYC, so could I please come by tomorrow.  This is when I really know I am onto something - when I  just leap in the direction of what is calling me without a second thought. I had never been more ready for my dream to come to life and I was willing to go to any lengths to make it official.

After that it was just one charmed event after the other.  

My friend Vivi Le Voix was so seduced by my enthusiasm she decided to join me to on the scouting trip. On the way to Grand Central Vivi was stuck in traffic and we feared she would miss the train.  I taught her how to do a traffic clearing charm over the phone and literally before I knew it she was standing right in front of me. While on the train, there was a malfunction which left us stranded us in the middle of nowhere. We didn't care because we were having so much fun catching up, but when we were ready to go, we decided read love poetry to each other to see if it would speed things up.  Wouldn’t you know, we crack the book, and literally at that moment the rescue train shows up. 
After leaving the train we set our intention for a taxi that smelled good, was clean and had a friendly, knowledgeable driver.  A van showed up that was more like yellow limousine than a taxi, and we hopped in. The driver was charming and lovely.  There was a beautiful prayer flag of Mecca hanging in the cab. (A cab with decor!) These were all really good signs and I could feel the magic already. 

When we pulled into the driveway of Guest House I got the same feeling I had when we pulled into Locust Grove, the place I got married.  "This is right.  This is it.  This is what I’ve been looking for."
When we walked in, I immediately felt the energy of a living, breathing hug.  There were gorgeous fireplaces, chandeliers and windows everywhere. Guest House is decorated with classic New England charm. The guest rooms are actually beautiful, (rare for a retreat center) with toile curtains and antique headboards, and the staff is a dream. 
When I spoke to Jim about dates, he said that the only weekend available for the whole year was May 3rd-5th.  I put down my deposit on the spot. 
On the train ride home I was looking at the brochure for Guest House, and came across this quote by Rumi "Let the beauty you love be what you do.  There are a hundred ways to kneel and kiss the ground." If I could describe the retreat in one quote it would be this one. Welcome to

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