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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Sexiest Thing I Can Think Of

Today I am sitting in the lobby of a Best Western after a patience-trying experience while trying to buy a diet Pepsi in the gift shop.  Later on, I will be hiking in the Grand Canyon with my husband.  Funny how even in a motel in Tusayan, AZ, you can learn the greatest lessons in seduction. 

Last night I had an experience that made me think of a question I get often from women: “how do I embody seduction into every area of my life, all the time”.  Shortcut to the answer: you already do.  Seduction is not necessarily something to be done, it is something to be surrendered to. 
Husby and I on our way up the mountain

Seduction is the part of us that says yes or no.  It is the force that can attract a wonderful experience like hiking the Grand Canyon, or the kind of experience where the purchase of a diet soda can make you doubt your faith in humanity. 
What I find that people are often wondering when they ask this question is “how do I make life sexy all the time? How do I feel gorgeous and beautiful all the time"? Last night, I REALLY wanted to wear my most gorgeous orange floor length maxi dress to dinner. The thing about this dress however, is that with the slightest chill in the air, you can see my nipples.  Like, a lot.  It’s really one of my favorite things about the dress, and it makes me feel super sexy.  When I wear this dress I feel like an absolute Goddess, like I just stepped out of a waterfall riding a unicorn.  Who could say no to that, right?


Wearing the dress in question, holding a munchkin
We were dining in the basement cafĂ© of the Best Western.  It was right across the hall from the arcade.  Do I really want to show my nipples to the Best Western Grand Canyon crowd? Not today Josephine.  I just wasn’t feeling it to be a sex Goddess in that moment (even though my body which had been wearing red dust covered jeans for a week longed for that experience).  And boy howdy, am I glad I listened to my intuition. If I had worn that dress I would have had my attention on how I was being interpreted by the bikers and cowboys playing pool, not on my evening with my husband.  Playing air hockey in the arcade would have been near impossible.  This may seem like frivolous mastication of ones wardrobe choices, but that choice determined everything about my night. By listening to my intuition, I gave myself a beautiful evening, present and happy. And that, dear friends, is the sexiest thing that I can think of. 
Heating up the desert with a Qoya hip-opener

PS – the very same woman who pissed me off in the gift shop just came over and said “I admire you”.  When I asked her why, she said it was because of my fierce typing skills that she had been observing this whole time.  Aint’ love grand?? 

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