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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Turning Kings Into Dogs: Reporting Live From Costa Rica

The cards of influence - Baba Yaga, Obsession and Bast

"Once upon a time there was a woman whose community needed her.  They needed her spicy, untamed, dragon-breath, crone-faced, baby-faced, drum beating, unicorn-rearing wildness.  It took a lot for her to deliver, but she knew she could.  She knew she must.

So with her scarlet skirt and her hair on fire; red rims around her eyes to match the red rim of her mouth to match the red rounds of her nipples, she emerged. She seduced with her sparkle and entranced with her gaze. Her fragrance hypnotized the entire land, turning kings into dogs.  A spell had been cast, a wickedly lovely obsession with her red, red, red, red everything.

She pressed her heart forward and looked up to the sky, turning everything red into a soft, warm, white.  The dogs became agile, keen cats; the dust that had settled for so long became a shower of the exact nutrient the community had been calling for; and bright light shone from above, brightening, warming and electrifying everything in it’s path."

I am here on the annual Costa Rica Qoya Retreat, having an amazing time. The story written above is a ritual that we did as a group called a three-card story.  You pull three cards, one signifying the beginning of the story, one the middle and one the end.  Then the group all begins writing the story with the same line, and every story is different.  When I read mine aloud, my friend said, “that sounds like one of your blogs”.

(Woooo! What a compliment!)

Beach dancing with the Qoya Queens

I had several motivations for coming to this retreat, but one of the strongest was inspiration. I am about to lead my first seduction retreat in May, and I am so blessed to be having this experience as a student to inform my experience as a teacher. 

I chose to share this story with you because it is a perfect example of how what can happen on a retreat is so different from what can happen in a classroom.  A retreat is all about removing oneself from the day-to-day and opening to a new way of living, which introduces you to a whole new part of yourself.  Being in nature, being in community, and being immersed in an experience is life changing. This three card story is more expansive, more transparent, and more creative than anything I could write after a day of riding the subway and doing errands in New York.

In addition to the ecstasy of the things that are planned on a retreat, there is also the magic of the unplanned. Some of the unexpected adventures that have come about so far this week: a hugely excavating emotional ride, ocean skinny dipping in the middle of the day with 30 incredible Qoya queens, purchasing the sexiest yoga clothes ever (hello??? I didn’t think those existed) and a spontaneous naked photo shoot with my one of my best friends after a few glasses of wine and a few coconuts; and there are still three days to go.  I’d like to say, “I can only imagine” about the beautiful surprises that await us on the seduction retreat, but truth is I can’t.  That’s what makes them so fun.

I have had so much fun coming up to a gorgeous, open-air sun porch every afternoon, putting a straw in a coconut and finishing off the curriculum for the Seduction Is A Way Of Life retreat.  This week I have gotten to know myself as a seductress more profoundly than ever before. 

If you are feeling seduced, join us by taking one of the two remaining spots.  I would relish the honor of steeping you in Sacred Seduction.

With a hibiscus flower in my hair,

Kitty Cavalier 

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