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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Ecstasy Overload (Seduction Series Week #1)

Ecstasy Overload

I spent the first day of 2013 in ecstasy overload. You know that website cute overload with all the pictures of cute animals? This was ecstasy overload. I taught New Years Day Qoya with the theme of Seduction.  It was one of the most beautiful and moving experiences I’ve ever had.  Riding the subway home I had to keep a close watch on my stop. Lately I’ve missed my stop or gotten on in the wrong direction as a result of being so blissed out.

I have some really exciting things coming up this year.  Things that I have been dreaming about my whole life. I can’t tell you what they are yet, but keep opening these e-mails, and I will reveal these precious jewels one by one over the next few months.

This month I am going to be featuring a series on my blog called Seduction Is A Way Of Life.  

What the hell does that mean? Seduction is a tool, it is a technique, but a lifestyle? How?   

Well. First I am going to show. Then, I will tell. 

Each week I will give an easy assignment. After you complete the assignment you will receive an explanation of how these practices will turn you into a legendary Sacred Seductress day by day.  

Now, when I tell you to do these things your mind will instantly come up with 1000 reasons you why you can’t.  Time and money usually account for about 998 of those excuses.  But I promise you, this is not something that will take from you. It is something that will give to you ten fold. There is nothing to be lost, only wisdom to be gained. 

Therapy this morning, literally
This week, give yourself some real, true Serious Sensual Pleasure. Now, when I say real and true I don’t mean squeezing in a cup of tea while you work at your computer.  I mean the kind where your mind turns off and your body takes over. Carve out time for something that makes you feel like you are suddenly on vacation in your very own house. For example, this morning I woke up late and was supposed to be at therapy in an hour.  My body was like, so not feeling this.  So I emailed my therapist and asked if we could do a phone session.  Score.  I pried myself out of bed (my apartment is freezing) and then, I saw it.  My bathtub.  “Ahhhhhhh!” sang the angels.  Coincidentally, the bathroom happened to be the warmest room in the house.  I knew I wouldn’t have time for a bath before the phone session, so I filled the tub up to near overflowing, poured in some Epsom salts and lavender essential oils and did my whole therapy session from the warm tub.  Needless to say it was one of the most productive, deep, transformative sessions we’ve ever had. 

Report in the comments what you choose to do. It can be anything, but please, go big or go home. Let's inspire each other. On Tuesday, I will reveal the force behind this force, and all the abundance it can bring to your life when you use it frequently and wisely.

Until Tuesday,

PS - want to instantly make yourself a Seductress Supreme? My February session of Seduction Is A Spiritual Practice is open for enrollment and already half full. The transformations women experience after taking this class are incredible.  My favorite line from a student this week was "tasks in life have transformed from a sense of duty into a sense of beauty".  Scoop some of this up for yourself by clicking here! 


  1. You genius Seductress, Creator and Artist of writing. Loving these blog posts. Xo Coco Chachnil, wink

  2. Go big or go home, please. Ohhhh I am loving this hexing spell you've cast! Xxxo Lady V

  3. Mmm, this week's theme is letting go of the old. Tonight I am getting comfy with pillows, a drink and some colored pens and doing the '2012 closing ceremony' exercises in my Create Your Incredible Year Workbook. Then a cleansing bath with epsom salts and patchouli garden bath oil, and a honey coconut mask.

  4. Last night I turned off all the lights on the second floor except for a string of white lights. I lit incense in the bedroom and a candle in the bathroom, and took a hot shower. After my shower I applied lavender and jasmine lotion from head to toe.

  5. Gorgeous, Oh Kitty...I am pondering my move:)

  6. Well, my darling Kitty C, I went big.

    BIG in my soul. BIG in my body. I asked my body what she wanted all day and night long last Saturday.

    First she wanted to move. I coulda gone to the Y. Coulda taken my puppy for a walk. But ya know, my body she craved something more. She craved something with feeling. So, I dusted off my S Factor dvd's, moved all the living room furniture, slipped into black tights with a hot pink tube top, played Kitty C's Seduction Qoya playlist from spotify, and......lost myself in cat crawls, s walks, strip teases, delicious stretches.

    Next my body was hungry for nourishment. I coulda gone to Taco Bell. Coulda microwaved something and ate standing up in the kitchen. My body, she wanted to feel pampered. She wanted to be cooked for and eat at the table. So, I prepared her an exquisite mac and cheese. I sat at the table eating it slowly and really enjoying the nurturing feeling that I was taking such good care of myself to slow down.

    Next my body wanted relaxation. Water is the Best for that, she said. So I lit 5 candles, put on some chanting music, and slid into my heavenly 7 foot bath tub. I watched the candles flickering. I enjoyed my breathing. And I pictured the water holding me, like an all encompassing mother.

    After all this I felt vibrantly alive, relaxed, happy. My body wanted to go out. So off we went to a local art show. Of course it was divine and of course I made some new awesome girl friends.

    Lady V